Meet Our Team

Lumbri Jonathan Stufflebeme

10 years experience in Craft beer, In both Denmark, Australia, and the United States. Lumbri started his love and passion for craft beer beginning in the craft beer hospitality industry, and in 2015 he started his career in professional brewing, under the apprenticeship of Søren Parker Wagner at Dry & Bitter Brewing Co. In 2016, Lumbri moved to the United States, where he worked at various breweries like Community Beer Co., Mighty Mo Brewing Co., Interboro Spirits & Ales, Evil Twin Brewing NYC, B52 Brewing Co., and Zilker Brewing Company. Through those years, Lumbri has gotten a deep understanding and chance to explore what he and Nicole want to bring to the industry, and what mark they would like to make in the world of craft beer.

Nicole Stufflebeme

6 years experience in various hospitality Front of House roles, 5 years experience within craft beer with a focus on marketing and sales throughout the United States. Nicole has worked for various breweries including Community Beer Co, Mighty Mo Brewing Co, Collective Arts Brewing, Evil Twin Brewing NYC, and Jester King Brewery. Nicole has an Education in Nutrition and BBA in Marketing. She sought this education background with the hope of opening a wellness camp for low-income/marginalized groups of children with a Hippotherapy/horse rescue program used as the physical activity for the camp. Supporting the community around us while celebrating our different backgrounds has always been a large focus of what we want to continue to contribute to in the craft beer industry.